Environment Management Group
  • A UN system wide Contribution to the Global Drylands Agenda.

  • UN progress towards Climate Neutrality

  • A UN system wide contribution to the Biodiversity agenda.

  • Senior Officials of the Environment Management Group

  • Members of the Environment Management Group

  • Facilitating the integration of Biodiversity through UN sectors

About EMG

The Environment Management Group (EMG) is a United Nations (UN) System-wide coordination body on environment and human settlements.

The EMG identifies issues on the international environmental agenda that warrant cooperation, and finds ways of engaging its collective capacity in coherent management responses to those issues.

The EMG membership consists of the specialized agencies, programmes and organs of the United Nations...

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Featured Report

Mapping Contributions of the UN Agencies and Conventions to the Aichi Biodiversity Targets

Providing an understanding of UN system wide contribution to the Strategic Plan for Biodiversity (2011-2020)...

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  • Advancing the environmental agenda within the UN

  • Moving Towards a Climate Neutral UN: The UN System’s Footprint and Efforts to Reduce It - 2013 edition

  • Balanced and inclusive Green Economies, summary for policy makers

  • Advancing the biodiversity agenda: A UN - system wide contribution

  • Global Drylands: A UN system wide response

  • Working towards a Balanced and Inclusive Green Economy

  • A Vision of a Sustainable UN

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